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If you are considering a reverse mortgage, you will want to educate yourself as much as possible before making a final decision. Reverse mortgages can be wonderful tools in the right situations - BUT reverse mortgages are definitely not for all senior homeowners. Moreover, reverse mortgages are very complex and counter intuitive to homeowners who have spent most of their adult lives paying down (not increasing) mortgage debt.

There are many fine reverse mortgage guides available on the internet and at bookstores. We’ve added one more that focuses on seven specific steps that seniors should consider in assessing the suitability of a reverse mortgage for their needs.

Reverse Mortgage eBook

To get your free copy of the 7-Step tutorial guide Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me?, simply click on the image below. When the document appears, you can choose to print out a hard copy, read it online, or save the file to your computer for later reading.

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