REVERSE MORTGAGE INFORMATION: Tools, News and Resources to Help Seniors Decide


If you want to learn more about reverse mortgages, there are several quality books on the subject which you can read about or purchase below. You may also be interested in our reviews of some of the most recent reverse mortgage titles.

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Publisher: Sterling

Title: Scam-Proof Your Life: 377 Smart Ways to Protect You & Your Family from Ripoffs, Bogus Deals & Other Consumer Headaches (AARP)
Author: Sid Kirchheimer


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Publisher: Adams Media Corporation

Title: The Complete Guide to Reverse Mortgages: Turn Your Home Equity into Instant Income
Author: Tammy Kraemer

Description: Until recently, there were only two main ways you could get cash from your home: sell it or borrow against it and make monthly loan repayments. Reverse mortgages offer a third way of getting money from your home. If you are a homeowner, age 62 and older, you are eligible to apply for a reverse mortgage loan that converts your home equity into a tax-free income.

With The Complete Guide to Reverse Mortgages, you’ll learn all you need to know to earn the supplemental income you need, without worrying about:

  • Having to sell your home
  • Give up your title
  • Or take on a new monthly mortgage payment.

This invaluable guide explains everything you need to know about reverse mortgages and how to use them to your advantage. With practicing attorneys Tyler Kraemer and Tammy Kraemer leading the way, you will learn the step-by-step process to getting a reverse mortgage and making the best of your retirement!

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Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

Title: Reverse Mortgages
Author: Greg Patti

Description: In-depth discussion of Reverse Mortgages, jam packed with decision making information, realistic examples, how to use Reverse Mortgages to deal with many of Today’s issues facing seniors.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Title: The Reverse Mortgage Advantage: The Tax-Free, House Rich Way to Retire Wealthy!
Author: Warren Boroson


Financial Freedom You Can Only Get When You Hit 62!

Whether you’re exploring a reverse mortgage to finance a home improvement, pay off a current mortgage, pay for health care expenses, or generate monthly income to improve quality of living, you’re one of the thousands of Americans age 62 and older who are turning to this lucrative way to build income.

Simply put, with reverse mortgages you no longer pay the bank, the bank pays you. In The Reverse Mortgage Advantage, renowned real estate expert Warren Boroson presents a thorough examination of the ins and outs of this intriguing investment method. Boroson dispels any myths and puts crystal-clear focus on the pros and cons of reverse mortgages.

With real-life case studies and practical examples, The Reverse Mortgage Advantage shows you how to:

  • Transform a “house-rich, cash-poor” situation into tax-free equity
  • Choose between a lump sum, a line of credit, a monthly income, or a combination
  • Find a reputable HUD-approved reverse mortgage counselor in your area
  • Minimize setup fees and related charges

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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Title: Retire On the House : Using Real Estate To Secure Your Retirement
Author: James Keene

Description: Use your home to finance your retirement

Forgot to save for retirement, but bought a house? Saved a lot and also bought a house? Whatever your situation, Retire on the House can show you how to best use your home equity for a long and prosperous retirement.

Focusing on both retirement and real estate, Retire on the House is designed for retiree homeowners who want to use their home equity to finance their retirement. Filled with valuable insights and practical advice, this unique guide illustrates a number of ways this can be done, including:

  • Selling your current home at the top of the market, moving to a less expensive residence, and retiring on your profits
  • Obtaining rental income from your current home by renting to boarders
  • Remodeling your home into units for much higher rental income
  • Three options for obtaining cash from your home without selling, remodeling, or renting it
  • Reducing or eliminating retirement expenses such as taxes
  • Balancing your real estate portfolio by diversifying with other asset classes

Many of today’s homes have tremendous value, and with Retire on the House as your guide, you’ll discover how to use this value to achieve the retirement you deserve.

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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Title: The New Reverse Mortgage Formula: How to Convert Home Equity into Tax-Free Income
Author: Tom Kelly

Description: The New Reverse Mortgage Formula explains reverse mortgages in easy language so seniors and their family members can fully understand and benefit from these useful loan products. Reverse loans allow seniors to convert part of their home equity into tax-free income, letting seniors easily borrow against the value of their home without selling it. Safer than ever, today’s reverse mortgages are non-recourse loans and lenders do not share in any appreciation or accrued equity. Safe and simple, reverse mortgages are a valuable option for senior homeowners having trouble living on a fixed income or in need of extra cash for any unforeseen expense.

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Publisher: For Dummies

Title: Reverse Mortgages For Dummies
Author: John E. Lucas

Description: Fully explains how reverse mortgages work

With special advice for the adult children of seniors

Reverse mortgages are a great way for you to keep your home, even on a retiree’s fixed income. But with so many loan options, where do you start? Relax! This friendly guide covers all the basics so you and your adult children can understand and take advantage of these handy loans — and keep the home you love.

Discover how to

  • Decide if a reverse mortgage is right for you
  • Shop for the best reverse mortgage products
  • Find out if your home is eligible
  • Walk through each step of the process with confidence
  • Find a counselor who can help you

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Publisher: Alpha

Title: Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Reverse Mortgages (The Pocket Idiot’s Guide)
Author: Jennifer A. Pokorny

Description: What are they? How do they work? What do they do?

There are more than 100,000 active reverse mortgages in the U.S. today, and the number is growing. If Social Security benefits are excluded, about half of all senior citizens would fall below the poverty line based on their income, and for many people over 65, much of their wealth is concentrated in their home equity. As health care costs rise, many people are turning to reverse mortgages for supplemental income. This book outlines, informs, counsels, and lays out the facts on reverse mortgages.

-Anticipation of Social Security problems is increasing the popularity of reverse mortgages

-More people are expected to turn to reverse mortgages to supplement their income

-The Consumers Union of U.S. Inc. says that AARP, HUD, Fannie Mae, and the reverse mortgage industry all agree on the importance of high-quality reverse mortgage counseling and information

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Publisher: N C H E Press

Title: Reverse Mortgages for Beginners: A Consumer Guide to Every Homeowner’s Retirement Nest Egg
Author: Ken Scholen

Description: This book explains reverse mortgages – “the most popular cash-raising tool for senior homeowners” (The Washington Post). It shows how these new financial products work, how to compare them, where to find them, what to ask, and what look out for. It also provides a variety of information sources for reverse mortgage shoppers, including related alternatives. This book is for homeowners who are retired or planning to retire. Also of interest to attorneys, financial planners, and adult children of aging parents.

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Publisher: N C H E Press

Title: Your New Retirement Nest Egg: A Consumer Guide to the New Reverse Mortgages
Author: Ken Scholen